Me and an excellent pumpkin

Me and an excellent pumpkin

About Me

Hello - I'm Beth, Super Awkward author. Which just about describes everything really.

Super Awkward was my debut book (published by Scholastic, 2016), but I've been writing for teenagers for a looong time. And being awkward in my own life for even longer.

Super Awkward is the first of three books about Bella Fisher - the second one is Truly Madly Awkward, and the third is Access All Awkward. Then came a one-off book all about Meg, and a summer holiday of boy based drama - Take A Chance On Me.

After doing a biology degree, I put it to excellent use by getting a job at the BBC and working on everything from Blue Peter to TOTP and Radio 1. I got to work with amazing people, and am proud that I worked on the launch of the Radio 1 Teen Awards, which are as much about celebs as they are awesome young people. The Teen Awards also led to my other career highlight; fishing out Miley Cyrus' used face-wipe from a bin.

After this I produced Blue Peter, but when it left for Manchester, I stayed in London and realised I’d accidentally become a freelance TV producer. But I missed my days of working on stuff for young people. So I wrote Super Awkward in my spare time.

Since then I’ve lived in lots of countries, working on pro-social campaigns for young people, but getting to do cool stuff with places like MTV, the UN and Nickelodeon.

I'm now represented by the incredible Gemma Cooper at The Bent Agency. She is brilliant.

I currently live in east London, and dream of owning a dog.

If you want to say hello, or ask a question, please do.