Come and say hello (and have some beach based fun) at the Summer of YA Love...


I think they did. And it’s all happening on the 22nd June at the very first Summer of YA Love at Waterstones Piccadilly.

Plus there will be early copies of books that aren’t out (including my new one, Take A Chance on Me) and two of my absolute favourite authors, Simon James Green and Laura Clare Wood.

So if you want to come down and be part of the #SummerofYAlove here are all the details…

Get ready for the summertime party of the year hosted by Scholastic!


Join us for a celebration of summer romance with Beth Garrod, Simon James Green and Laura Wood.


Waterstones Piccadilly will be transformed into a sunshine haven with beach-themed games, fun activities and a hilarious panel conversation with three YA superstars chaired by journalist Sarah Shaffi.

Beth Garrod is the author of the Super Awkward series, and her new book Take a Chance on Me is the perfect rom-com to read on your summer holiday. By turns relatably awkward and achingly romantic, Beth is one of the best authors writing about British teenage girls.

Simon James Green is back with a brand new LGBT rom-com Alex in Wonderland. Set at a seaside amusement arcade, Alex in Wonderland is packed full of Simon’s distinctive brand of mayhem and hilarity.

Laura Wood’s Under a Dancing Star is a dreamy summer romance set to make you swoon.  If you fell for 2018 YA sensation A Sky Painted Gold, you are bound to fall head over heels for this love story set in 1930s Tuscany.

Purchase one of these books and receive a beach ready goody bag including summer treats.

Exclusive: Copies of Take a Chance on Me and Under a Dancing Star will be available before official publication in July.

Реально мегастранная and Суперстранная

Two amazing things happened. The hardback Russian translation of Truly Madly Awkward arrived. It's now known as Реально мегастранная (which means Really Mega Strange, which I think is almost a better title). Anddddd, I realised I'd never posted the original cover of Super Awkward in Russian - Суперстранная. I love them both!

They are published by Eksmo in Russia and I love them. I don't yet know if Access All Awkward till be published there, so if you're a Russian reader and need to know what happens next, drop me a line!

YALC 2018


I was lucky enough to be invited to this year's YALC. It's so cool to have been there as a reader and now be on panels. But absolutely best of all is all the amazing people I meet. Huge shout out to everyone who waited patiently in my signing queue.

And a massive thank you to Chloe Coles, Chloe Seager and Annalie Grainger who were all both fascinating and funny on the Inside The Industry panel I hosted.

I should really get better at talking about these things before they happen, so I will make a better effort to let you know where I'm going to be across the country. I will be signing a stack of books in Foyles, Charing Cross soon though.....

Bella's Back! It's Access All Awkward time

News! I have news! A third book about Bella is coming out in July. July 5th I think. It’s called Access All Awkward and is about Bella and her friends going to their first music festival. It features all the best things in life; her bessie mates, Adam, summer, bands… and having to work as a litter picker whilst wearing bin bags.

Access All Awkward.jpg

Here’s a bit more about it. I’m in love with the summery festivally cover. Thanks Jamie! (he designed all of the Awkward covers). If you want to get it you can order on Hive, Foyles, Waterstones, Amazon and all the other good bookie places, including Asda.

And if you have questions hit me up on Instagram (@beth__garrod) or there’s a contact form on the site.

Anyway, Access All Awkward… here’s what it’s all about;

Bella Fisher is stuck in EXAM HELL - with only the promise of a weekend at a cool festival with her mates as a reward afterwards. OK, so she can't actually afford a ticket and will have to work as a litter picker and toilet scrubber, but it's still going to be epic: the best bands, her best friends and best-boy-in-the-world Adam, with not a parent or teacher in sight. But when she arrives to find annoying older sister Jo has been sent by Mum to keep an eye on her, things go from bad to worse. BFF Rachel is hanging out with some mean girls, awful ex-boyfriend Luke pitches up with his model girlfriend and her pristine Hunter wellies, and the drummer in her favourite band is exposed as a sexist pig. All the face glitter and flower crowns in the world can't save the day... can they?

Truly Madly Awkward lives!


Mmmm, does this title read as 'lives' (as in, it is alive!) or 'lives' (as in lives of people)? It's meant to be the former. Because Truly Madly Awkward is now out to buy, woooooooo. Yup, I just posted an Amazon link, but there is an amazing website called Hive you should also check out. They help support local bookshops too. And of course, it's out in all the normal places too; Waterstones, Foyles, WHSmiths, that kind of thing. 

And, big news. I'm currently working on book three. Whatever will Bella get up to next (answer; no idea as I haven't written it yet).

What happens on tour...


This August #Cringefest headed off on tour. I was lucky enough to join some of my favourite authors (and I'm not just saying that, as they probably won't even read this) as we talked all things awkward, at various Waterstones around the country. 

First stop was Waterstones Piccadilly with myself, Simon James Green (Noah Can't Even), Stephanie Strohm (It's Not Me It's You) and special guest star, Chloe Seager (Editing Emma). Then, Simon, Steph and I headed off for a whistlestop tour of Birmingham and Manchester.

It turns out that the writers of books that really make me laugh, are also people that really make me laugh IRL, and I had a great couple of days. Who knew Stephanie was a Eukele champ, or Simon was a child activist on the front page of his local paper (sort of). I giggled my way through the recording of The Tales of Two Booksellers podcast (@TwoBooksellers) - thanks so much for having us!

But... what happens on tour, stays on tour. Other than to say a massive thank you to the amazing hosts (Stephen Haskins (@MyBookishLife), Michelle Toy (@ChelleyToy), Beth (@BookLoverx) and the awesome bloggers we met and chatted to.

Next time I've got an event coming up, I'll try and remember to post about it before...


Woah! Super Awkward won!

Woah - it was a big surprise but I'm v happy to say that Super Awkward won the first ever Glenthorne High School Book Award. It was voted for by the students - the Booklings - and revealed on Twitter. I'm super excited about it - and want to say a huge thanks for all the amazing work Lucas Maxwell does with the library there. There were some of my favourite books on the shortlist, which made it an even bigger surprise. Thanks so much everyone at Glenthorne!



Getting stuck in with the stickers.

Getting stuck in with the stickers.

This was the year that I went to my first YALC as an actual person on the line-up rather than just YA fan. Woah.

I got to do a workshop on how to write funny things, and even had a signing queue. It was all a bit much. In a good way.

Thanks so much for YALC for having me. And for Simon James Green for breaking the sign that every single person had a photo with. 

And for Scholastic to opening a world of sweet bags with my books on them. I would have cried if I wasn't too busy eating foam bananas.

Yeep. SA is nominated for the GHS Booklings Award.

Last year I did my first ever school Skype visit - and I loved it. It was arranged by @lucasjmaxwell and was with students at Glenthorne High School Library. The students had loads of questions, and everybody there made me feel really welcome.

However, there was more excitement to come - I recently found out Super Awkward had been nominated for the first ever Annual GHS Booklings Award. It is nominated by students, which is extra cool AND as well as being chuffed to be one of their nominations, SA is also alongside some of my fave other books. Thanks so much Booklings! Here's the shortlist...

Click Here to Start by Denis Markell
The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge
Radio Silence by Alice Osman
Crush by Eve Ainsworth
Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield
Super Awkward by Beth Garrod

I'm hoping to do another chat with GHS Library soon, and will be Skyping in to find out the winner in June.