What happens on tour...


This August #Cringefest headed off on tour. I was lucky enough to join some of my favourite authors (and I'm not just saying that, as they probably won't even read this) as we talked all things awkward, at various Waterstones around the country. 

First stop was Waterstones Piccadilly with myself, Simon James Green (Noah Can't Even), Stephanie Strohm (It's Not Me It's You) and special guest star, Chloe Seager (Editing Emma). Then, Simon, Steph and I headed off for a whistlestop tour of Birmingham and Manchester.

It turns out that the writers of books that really make me laugh, are also people that really make me laugh IRL, and I had a great couple of days. Who knew Stephanie was a Eukele champ, or Simon was a child activist on the front page of his local paper (sort of). I giggled my way through the recording of The Tales of Two Booksellers podcast (@TwoBooksellers) - thanks so much for having us!

But... what happens on tour, stays on tour. Other than to say a massive thank you to the amazing hosts (Stephen Haskins (@MyBookishLife), Michelle Toy (@ChelleyToy), Beth (@BookLoverx) and the awesome bloggers we met and chatted to.

Next time I've got an event coming up, I'll try and remember to post about it before...