Super Awkward in the amazing Foyles on Charing Cross Road

Super Awkward was released in the UK on 1st September 2016, by Scholastic. It’s the first of three books about Bella Fisher. The second one is Truly Madly Awkward, and the third is Access All Awkward. (There’s also one about a girl just like Bella, called Take A Chance On Me)

So just who is Bella Fisher…

Bella Fisher, is absolutely WINNING at FAILING at life.

1. She once got her tongue stuck to a box of Calippos in a supermarket

2. She accidentally called her geography teacher Mum. Twice. He wasn't impressed.

3. Bella is a geek. And not in a geek-chic kind of way, but in a secretly-caring-abou way.

4. Bella always fail maths and science.

So it figures that when she meets the FITTEST BOY IN THE WORLD, Zac, she’s doing solo star jumps. While dressed as a cereal box. *(BELLA’S NOTE TO SELF, fancy dress = HE-WILL-NEVER-EVER-FANCY-ME dress.)

Now she’s got to somehow persuade Zac to go to prom with her - while avoiding her evil ex and dealing with a secret so mega-awks she wants to Ctrl-Z her brain... What could go wrong? Oh yeah, that's right. Absolutely everything.

If you want to buy a copy of Super Awkward, it's on sale in lots of places, including Hive, Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon.

Super Awkward has also been translated into German, Polish, Turkish and Russian.